Oro Unisex Hoodie(1 piece)
Oro Unisex Hoodie(1 piece)
Oro Unisex Hoodie(1 piece)
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Oro Unisex Hoodie(1 piece)

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Have you ever wondered why the African diaspora has such an affinity for “ORO”? (which means Gold in spanish)

Well, it’s in our nature…Gold has always been apart of African culture…

For centuries among the Akan peoples of southern Ghana, kings and their retinues have proclaimed their status in spirited public festivals, where they parade with dazzling gold regalia: necklaces, rings, bracelets, amulets, even gilded muskets and finials for umbrellas .

Gold has long been at the heart of Akan culture. The Ghanaian interior is rich in its deposits, and goldworking was already a well-honed art when Portuguese traders first anchored off Ghana’s rocky coast in the late 1400s. The Gold Coast, as it became known, was soon a center of the worldwide trade in gold, drawing fleets of European merchant ships laden with cargoes of cloth, metalware, firearms and liquor.

Around 1700, the Akan’s most populous ethnic group, the Asante, proclaimed their own “Kingdom of Gold” in the interior. In the 19th century, the Asante fought several wars against England, which finally claimed the Gold Coast as a crown possession in 1901.

The Akan’s inventive goldwork can convey boasts, insults, jokes and especially proverbs. A parading chief who raises one hand and languidly turns his wrist to call attention to an enormous gold ring in the form of a fish may be reminding his audience of the Akan proverb: “A fish out of water dies; a king without followers ceases to exist.”

ORO Unisex Jogger fits both men and women. For Women order a size down for a smaller fit in the hoodie and order a size up if you have large thighs or glutes.  Washing instructions will accompany the apparel

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