Revolutionary Hat (limited)
Revolutionary Hat (limited)
Revolutionary Hat (limited)
Revolutionary Hat (limited)
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Revolutionary Hat (limited)

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"You can kill the revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution"-Fred Hampton  

Fred Hampton was assassinated by the Chicago Police Department on December 4th, 1969. He was 20 years old and also the chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party. 

Fred Hampton inspired thousands upon thousands of black, latinx, americans and more to fight for Revolution. His story still inspires us today over 50 years later. Fred and the Black Panther successfully formed an alliance with the Young Lords Party which started from a Puerto Rican Gang. 

Together along with other alliances, allies and people willing to fight for our universe given rights, they led protests, programs and marches for the benefit off all people who were oppressed and mistreated. 

Fred said these words not too soon before his assassination:

"You have to understand that people have to pay a price for peace. If you dare to struggle, you dare to win. If you dare not struggle then damn it, you don't deserve to win. Let me just say: Peace to you, if you're willing to fight for it." -Fred Hampton

Rest in eternal peace ✊🏾


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