Creator and Designer of Reina Rei Apparel


My name is Reina, I am the designer and owner of Reina Rei Apparel.
I was born in Agana, Guam and raised by strong parents of African and Caribbean descent. I became a competitive powerlifter in 2017 and learned how to use strength and a vegan diet to get me to my body and spiritual goals. 
While lifting, I learned the hard way that most of the leggings, fitness apparel and more were NOT made for women like me. I truly struggled to find workout clothes that highlighted my best parts and helped to hide the not so amazing parts. 
I started Reina Rei Apparel, an African inspired apparel line made with excellent quality and perfect for men and women of all shapes and sizes.
  My goal with Reina Rei Apparel is to deliver clothing that makes you feel attractive, that's comfortable, unique and sexy at the same time... This is why each item goes through months of trials before being presented to my clients. 
I hope that when you wear Reina Rei Apparel you feel beautiful, comfortable and you're  able to go crazy in the gym!